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Pastor Tony Williams
posted by: Renee Morton on 2/7/2018

Requesting your prayers Pastor Tony Williams at Maranatha Christian center, healing from various stomach surgeries.
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Baby Gino Padilla age 2
posted by: Anita Perez on 1/12/2018

Baby Gino fell and was rushed to Children's hospital Madera,he has Paralyzation,His Family is asking foir urgent Prayers for this Precious little Guy, I've seen The Holy Spirit at work at VIP ,Please Pray for Restoration of Health for Baby Gino, Thank You So Much and God Bless you all ,Amen
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My Grandson Issac Santrosa
posted by: Anita Perez on 7/27/2014

Thank You for all Prayers for him, He's not Completely out of the woods yet..He's definitely has a Lot more healing and Rehab once he gets Discharged next month..He still doesn't recall the car accident. .but he Is Talking and reconizes Family..Thank you Victory n Praise, May The Continue to Bless the Church in all you Do,
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My Step Grandson, Issac Santa Rosa
posted by: Anita Perez on 7/5/2014

He was in a Roll over vehicle accident, He was ejected. HE is in Critical Condition, he lost an ear..and might end up Paralized.Can This Awesome Church I call mine Please Left Issac in Prayers of Healing.Thank You &God Bless.for myself I caught Pertussis &Have been pretty much homebound for getting healthy again.God Bless Victory n Praise Church
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PRAYER REQUEST: Please forward to your Prayer Ministry Intercessors - Thank you.
posted by: Bruce on 6/16/2014

I am asking for continual prayer for God’s Favor & Deliverance regarding a court sentencing up to the day of my sentencing on June 25 in the morning, if possible. God in His glorious richness and infinite wisdom has brought me back through His powerful and immeasurable grace; truly a grace which is greater and far beyond I could ever imagine.  I have repented from my ways and God through His love and grace has lovingly brought me back into His arms.  He is restoring me daily by being in His Word and meditating in it.  I believe in the Triune God and the effectual, beautiful and powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit and I believe in the power of intercessory prayers when lifted up in faith and in agreement [Matt 18:19]. I continue to lean with hope and I trust in the promises of God because HE says Yes [2 Cor 1:20] ! **Please pray that God’s Favor [Psalm 5:12; Psalm 119:58] and Deliverance [Psalm 34:17; Psalm 107:6] will be upon me and that His grace, love and mercy [2 John 3] would truly be present in the court room and that the judge will be lenient and merciful in her final sentencing decision.  This is a first time offense and I do not have any prior record.  I stand in faith because the joy of the Lord is my strength [Neh 8:10; Psalm 28:7]. I do appreciate it very much! Thank you and God Bless You!  In Christ, Bruce
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